Dimensions Series

Quicke Dimensions SeriesFor the professional. Maximizes your tractor’s potential. Radiates perfection.

Parallel Loaders

Q98, Q88, Q78, Q76, Q68, Q66, Q58, Q56, Q49, Q48, Q46, Q39, Q38, Q36, Q26

Non-Parallel Loaders

Q61, Q51, Q41, Q33, Q31, Q21


Quicke Versa-X SeriesVersa X Series

Quicke Versa-X - the optimum range of front loaders for tractors up to 120 hp. World-leading benefits on your terms!

Parallel Loaders

X56, X46, X36, X26

Non-parallel Loaders

X51, X41, X31, X21


Quicke Compact SeriesQuicke Compact Series

Performance down to the smallest detail. Quicke's loader range for your compact tractor.


180C, 160C


140C, 100C